Mapperley Scrabble Club was founded over 30 years ago. It is currently the largest club in Nottinghamshire with around 30 members. While most members live in or near Nottingham, some travel from as far afield as Derby and Melton Mowbray. New players are always welcome, whatever their level of play.

Meetings are every Thursday evening of the year, except for a one or two week break at Christmas.Doors open at 6.30pm and members are asked to be at the club by 6.45pm if possible.  To be sure of being included in the games for the evening, you must arrive by 6.50pm at the absolute latest. 

Three games are played, the first starting at 7.00pm and games 2 and 3 starting no later than 7.55pm and 8.50pm respectively.  Most people find they have finished their third game by 9.30pm but you should allow for the final game lasting up to 9.45pm.

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